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Our range of machines includes manual small turntables to high capacity lathes, which utilise a variety of power sources ranging from high frequency micro TIG to 500 Amp ACDC fully automatic welding equipment with inegral wire feed, arc Voktage control and weave facilities.

With years of knowledge and experiance we are pleased to assist with the resolving of your welding issues and as we specilaise in bespoke equipment, if you dont see the exact product that suits your needs here, just give us a call to discuss your specific requiements.

We have probably made something similar before.

Heat Management, InterPulse & Plasma Systems

Inverter Based Welding

Welding Lathes

Welding Turntables

Tilt Turn Tables, Cantilever Frames & Assisted Hinges

Honeycomb De-Gasser

Torch Positioners

Auxillary Equipment

Typical Systems & Applications

Sample Welds