Video Arc Monitors

High quality image of GTAW, GMAW, FCAW and PAW processes. Automatic switching between arc-on and arc-off modes, thus no camera controller required. Working distance of 4-20" (100-500mm) between lens and melt pool using interchangeable lenses Integrated protection including water-cooling Integrated lighting Small camera size Replaceable spatter guard Analogue output from camera feeds directly into monitor, no computer required High-frequency arc start resistance Water or air -cooled camera s. Water cooled allow welds upto  up to 200°C (390°F). Designed to withstand the harsh welding environment Motorized zoom, focus and iris Can zoom upto 2.5M
Aerospace welding  demands an extremely low margin of error. High material costs, low part volumes and challenging weld dimensions. Recording the welding process helps to ensure weld quality and reduce scrap and rework.
The energy sector, welded pipes, tubes, vessels and turbines make power generation possible and play a key role in operational efficiency and productivity
Build up repair work , butt to butt or seam welds can be acomplisehed using this system.
Cladding with nickel-based alloys can be monitored from a distancefor example  from outside a safety cage or ID pipe welding.

Typical Industries
Sensors Internal bore cladding
Aerospace Energy
Oil & Gas Ship Building
Tube Mills Tube and Pipe


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