Series 3 Lathe

For larger jobs our Interfaced Industrial Welding Lathes with distances between centres from 2 metres to 5 metres provide the perfect answer.

They utilise either the Standard Model O or the 153mm through bore Hollow Shaft Headstock. The tailstock slides easily and smoothly on recirculating ball bushing running on hardened and ground guides.

A free-running carriage carries the weld torch to any desired welding point between headstock and tailstock. This can be motorised to perform linear welds and also be fitted with Wire Feed and/or Arc Voltage Control for automatic welding.

The interface enables control to any MIG, TIG or Plasma power source thus providing fully automatic welding circumferential or linear welds.

Applications include aircraft components, fire extinguishers, water heater cylinders, submersible pump bodies and many others.
Optional roller guides are available to assist in loading and unloading the of parts.

Bespoke systems available.

  • Weld Sequence Controller
  • IE160 Automated welder
  • InterPulse 50 narrow bead welder
  • Arc Voltage Controller
  • Pulsed Wire Feeder
  • Weaving Unit
  • Speed range: Solid Shaft: 0.15 to 3.0, RPM Hollow Shaft: 0.15 to 7.0 RPM Other speed ranges available on request.
  • 400 Amp earth return brush gear with insulated M16 brass stud for connection to the weld set.
  • 150KG weight capacity.
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation control.
  • Complete with 2 or 3-axis Micro Torch Positioner. Can be rapidly repositioned at any location along the length of the lathe and locked into position. Supplied with Weld Torch Clamp.
  • Can be fitted with either a 609mm faceplate, 250mm / 400mm 3-jaw or 4-jaw self centring chuck. Custom tooling also available.
  • Option of Standard, Interfaced, or weldset controller configuration. The weldset controller provides program storage and keyswitch lock, preventing the operator adjusting preset welding parameters.
  • Adjustable sliding tailstock which can be locked in any position along length of bedway.
  • Quill extension controlled by either hand operated lever or optional pneumatic cylinder. Quill stroke 40mm (100mm pnuematic version) Quill provided with MT2 Live Centre

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