Model Y

  • Large 250mm through bore
  • Speed range: Hollow shaft:0.1 to 3.0 RPM, Other speed ranges available upon request.
  • 800 Amp earth return brush gear with insulated M16 brass stud for connection to the weld set.
  • Weight capacity: Hollow shaft 2000Kg as a turntable, 1000Kg as a Headstock.
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation control.
  • Encoder feedback for accurate closed loop control.
  • Can be fitted with either a 750mm faceplate or 600mm 3-jaw self-centring chuck. The available internal bore diameter is still 250mm when fitted with 600mm Chuck. The faceplate has concentrically scribed alignment circles and 4 radial clamping slots.
  • Option of additional foot switch or variable speed foot pedal (Manual Model Y only)
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Fast turnaround on service and calibration

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