Model W

The Manual and Automated Model W turntables have been designed using proven Instrument Engineering Warwick Turntable frame technology to meet the most demanding production requirements.

Suitable for TIG, Plasma and MIG welding applications. Compact frame, only 350mm square, large 153mm diameter shaft bore, clear through the turntable.

Simple to set up and use.

Both the Automatic and Manual controls include an LCD Display with 0.01 RPM resolution, which can be set to the required speed before or during a weld cycle.

Manual Model W

Designed for manual operation via the front panel switches, foot switch or variable speed foot pedal.

Automatic Model W

Can form part of an automatic welding system. For example, as the Headstock of our Series 2 Welding Lathe.

The Automatic option provides outputs to automatically start & stop the weldset, and control both VBC Engineering Cold Wire Feeders & Arc Length Controllers. Incorporated is a Pool Delay timer, Run On timer, a weld distance counter calibrated in degrees and the facility to store 64 different program schedules.

Whichever unit you choose, you can be sure of unrivalled performance, reliability and durability from what has become recognised as one of the very best welding turntables available.

  • Speed range 0.5 to 10 RPM as standard. Other speed ranges available upon request.
  • 200 Amp earth return brush gear with insulated M12 brass stud for connection to the weld set. Can be up rated to 400 amp duty.
  • 150KG weight capacity in Turntable configuration, 75Kg as a Headstock.
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation control.
  • Encoder feedback for accurate closed loop control.
  • Can be fitted with either a 305mm faceplate, a 160mm or 250mm 3-jaw self-centring chuck. The available internal bore diameter is limited to 101mm when fitted with 250mm Chuck. The faceplate has concentrically scribed alignment circles and 4 radial clamping slots.
  • Option of Headstock brackets, assisted tilting hinge or floor-standing 110 degree tilt frame.
  • Option of additional foot switch or variable speed foot pedal (Manual Model W only)
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Fast turnaround on service and calibration

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