HMS 175

The IE175i & IE100i are the next generation of low heat input TIG welding sets. Following in the footsteps of the famous InterPulse range of power sources, they use the latest technology now with improved arc control, to assist the welder reduce the heat input and energy that is required to perform quality welds on some of the most difficult alloys in use today.

Some of the materials that are being welded daily within the aerospace and related industries with this technology are: CMSX-10, Inconel 738, 713, 625, C263, PK33, MAR-M 247 René 80, René 142, and Titanium without a chamber or trailing gas shield.

The precise electromagnet fields created by the ultra fast power supply control of the arc characteristics, which can be programmed to minimise the Heat Affected Zone and the width of the arc. These systems offer much higher weld quality and control over inverter technology. The soft arc created makes TIG welding less reliant on heatsinks, whilst distortion is also kept to a minimum. The benefit of this technique is that increased arc force or penetration is achieved with a lower input current. This allows for improved heat management on critical welds whist still attaining full penetration. Also, when adding filler wire the dilution in the weld pool is reduced with benefits also seen in the final microstructure. This is particularly useful when welding demanding single and directional crystal components.


  • Easy to use four line backlit display.
  • Keyswitch access to programs prevents accidental erasure of data.
  • Set-up pushbutton allows the weld sequence to run without an arc.
  • Sequence start/stop via weld torch switch, foot pedal or remote

Standard Model

  • Conventional pulse on/off
  • 128 Program storage
  • High frequency pulse control in 100Hz steps.
  • Up to 15 levels of current control
  • Memory module storage
  • Manual/step/timed weld functions
  • IE175i Internal printer & Internal water cooler included
  • IE100i Option of Internal water cooler

Automatic Models

(As the standard version but with the addition of)

  • Servo motor output for linear slides or turntables
  • Set up function Arc Voltage Control (Option)
  • Cold Wire Feeder (Option)
  • Magnetic Arc Deflection (Option)
  • IE100i supplied with Internal Printer

All systems supplied complete to suit the application. eg torch, foot pedal, start/stop switch.


  • Robot and CNC interfaces are available.
  • 60 Amp single phase version.
  • This equipment is designed and manufactured by VBC Instrument Engineering Ltd in the UK.
  • Bespoke systems can be catered for.


Initial Current 0.1 - 100 / 175
Upslope time Amps
Downslope time 0.0 - 20.0 Seconds
Finish Current 0.0 - 20.0 Seconds
Finish time 0.1 - 100 / 175
Pre purge gas Amps
Post purge gas 0.0 - 25.0 Seconds
0.0 - 99 Seconds
Main Current 0.1 - 100 / 175 Amps
Background Current 0.1 - 100 / 175 Amps
Main time 0.01 - 5 Seconds
Background time 0.01 - 5 Seconds
Delta Current 0.0 - 100 / 175 Amps
Time per level 0.01 - 99.9 Seconds
Supply IE100 1 Phase 380/415/440V 50/60Hz
IE175 3 Phase 380/415/440V 50/60Hz

Rating: IE175i -100% duty cycle 150 Amps, IE100i - 100% duty cycle 100 Amps Average current. Width 620mm, Length 820mm. IE175i -1450mm High 350Kg. IE100i 1100mm High 225Kg

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