Arc Voltage Controller

Functional Description

Automatically sets and maintains the Arc Voltage,
thus the arc length can be made constant on circular
out-of-round welds.
Ideal for use on Seam Welding applications where
variations in electrode height above the component
Ensures constant weld width and penetration.
Suitable for use with Pulsed TIG and Plasma
Totally enclosed leadscrew.
Remote operation option.
Maximum lifting capacity 5kg.
Simple to set up and use.
Programmable Arc Voltage, Pool Delay time and
Retract distance


Supplied with either a 75mm or 150mm precision
Can be used with modern AC weldsets
Switchable automatic parking at end of sequence.
Fine adjustment of sensitivity control. The rate at
which the torch compensates for the variation in
arc distance.
Adjustable Dead Band to avoid the torch “hunting”
during minor changes to Arc Voltage.
Push-button control to lock the slide when
automatic control is not required.
Supplied with Weld Torch Clamp.
Manual slide jogging switches mounted on the
slide.Integrated limit switches prevent the slide from

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